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Summer Seminar is highly competitive program with a limited number of spaces approximately available per session. Selection is based on the overall qualification of the student. Students will be notified of their status via email no later than April Note: U. Candidates seeking an appointment to the Naval Academy would need to be U. Citizens by the time they are inducted into the Brigade of Midshipmen. Local campers will be responsible for arranging transportation to and from the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.

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This includes room and board plus meals and all clothing to be worn. Campers should plan to bring additional funds for snacks and souvenirs. Summer Seminar has a strong academic focus. Students attend workshops which include the following topics:. Find your creative niche and pursue a future in STEM! Visit the Admissions website to learn more Read More.

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Congratulations are in order for Kit Oney and William Freeman! Both of these candidates received Visit our Admissions website right now to learn more about the top-tier programs that we offer to The Admissions team is heading to St. Steps For Application. Application Overview 2. Tuition 4. Even when your Detailer tells the company:. Your Platoon pushed you on, but your lungs had nothing left to give. Just as you decided to move off the path and get out of way, your haggard head lifted and spotted the finish line.

There ahead, classmates slowed down, and doubled over as they gulped fresh air and tried not to throw up. Just ahead twenty steps. Ten steps… Five, and then, Done!! You knew you could make it! When the week ends, your company remains the only one without a single quitter the entire time. You remember the time you forced exhausted arms through push-ups—again. One, two, three. Now he wanted you to stay in an arms-bent position and hold. So you held. Centimeters from your face, a worm crawled under your body, between your arms, toward your lowered chin.

Millimeters from your mouth and nose! Oh well. You held, until the Detailer restarted the push-ups.

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Mother B, Plebe, the Yard, chopping in the hallways. You like chopping.

Go Navy Beat Army! You return to civilian life with a burning desire to attend the Naval Academy. Everything you observed—the honor, the commitment, the clear-eyed intelligence of potential classmates—convinced you your life path and destiny intersect at the gates of the Naval Academy. You use your new USNA duffel bag to carry it.

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Go Navy! Beat Army! Wow, you have to be unmarried and without kids? By: Nicola Parry on January 27, at am. By: Jacqui Murray on January 27, at am. This explains how to get read. USNA or Bust! Do you have to have completed your junior year? I am in 11th grade but my school year does not end till the very end of June.

I have talked to my counselor and she has said, if accepted, I will probably be able to skip school for the Summer Seminar. My daughter had to rearrange her finals and several year-end projects to go. The Naval Academy likes to see you can be a problem solver and make that happen. By: Jacqui Murray on January 24, at pm. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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You absolutely gotta get into the Naval Academy? Start here. Find out why you should want to attend USNA, how to get in, what's the lifestyle, how to get started, problem-solving if you're stalled. Post questions for your unique situation. A personal note: When my daughter wanted a book on how to get into the Naval Academy, all she could find were books that told her how hard it was, how selective they were, how very few could achieve it. That worked for my daughter and I had no doubt it would work for others. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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