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An essay on exercise boost sports performance

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Short essay on exercise boosts sports performance Diet and nutrition — what foods should we be eating? L; Pollock, M.

The Simple Reason Exercise Enhances Your Brain | Time

L Rehabilitation Oncology. Heart J. Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle. Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences. J Clin Neurol. Aerobic physical exercise PE activates the release of neurotrophic factors and promotes angiogenesis, thereby facilitating neurogenesis and synaptogenesis, which in turn improve memory and cognitive functions. Exercise limits the alteration in dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra and contributes to optimal functioning of the basal ganglia involved in motor commands and control by adaptive mechanisms involving dopamine and glutamate neurotransmission.

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Acta Neuropathol. The benefits of regular exercise, physical fitness and sports participation on cardiovascular and brain health are undeniable Exercise also enhances psychological health, reduces age-related loss of brain volume, improves cognition, reduces the risk of developing dementia, and impedes neurodegeneration.

Sports Med. Aerobic physical exercise produces numerous health benefits in the brain. Regular engagement in physical exercise enhances cognitive functioning, increases brain neurotrophic proteins, such as brain-derived neurotrophic factor BDNF , and prevents cognitive diseases [76—78].

How Exercise Boosts Your Brainpower

Recent findings highlight a role for aerobic exercise in modulating chromatin remodelers [21, 79—82]. These results were the first to demonstrate that acute and relatively short aerobic exercise modulates epigenetic modifications. The transient epigenetic modifications observed due to chronic running training have also been associated with improved learning and stress-coping strategies, epigenetic changes and increased c-Fos-positive neurons Nonetheless, these studies demonstrate the existence of epigenetic changes after acute and chronic exercise and show they are associated with improved cognitive function and elevated markers of neurotrophic factors and neuronal activity BDNF and c-Fos.

The aerobic exercise training-induced changes to miRNA profile in the brain seem to be intensity-dependent []. These few studies provide a basis for further exploration into potential miRNAs involved in brain and neuronal development and recovery via aerobic exercise.

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The influence of exercise on cognitive abilities. Psychon Bull Rev.

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Front Hum Neurosci. A range of validated platforms assessed CF across three domains: executive function 12 studies , memory four studies and processing speed seven studies.

Brain training: should you believe the hype?

In studies of executive function, five found a significant ES in favour of higher PA, ranging from small to large. Although three of four studies in the memory domain reported a significant benefit of higher PA, there was only one significant ES, which favoured low PA. Only one study examining processing speed had a significant ES, favouring higher PA. Further research into this relationship at this age stage is warranted. Significant positive effects of PA on cognitive function were found in 12 of the 14 included manuscripts, the relationship being most consistent for executive function, intermediate for memory and weak for processing speed.

Psychiatry Res. Exercise has established efficacy as an antidepressant in people with depression. Exercise significantly improved physical and psychological domains and overall QoL. The lack of improvement among control groups reinforces the role of exercise as a treatment for depression with benefits to QoL. International Scholarly Research Notices.

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  4. Research investigating the effects of exercise on older adults has primarily focused on brain structural and functional changes with relation to cognitive improvement. In particular, several cross-sectional and intervention studies have shown a positive association between physical activity and cognition in older persons [86] and an inverse correlation with cognitive decline and dementia [87]. Older adults enrolled in a 6-month aerobic fitness intervention increased brain volume in both gray matter anterior cingulate cortex, supplementary motor area, posterior middle frontal gyrus, and left superior temporal lobe and white matter anterior third of corpus callosum [88].

    In addition, Colcombe and colleagues showed that older adults with higher cardiovascular fitness levels are better at activating attentional resources, including decreased activation of the anterior cingulated cortex. One of the possible mechanisms by which physical activity may benefit cognition is that physical activity maintains brain plasticity, increases brain volume, stimulates neurogenesis and synaptogenesis, and increases neurotrophic factors in different areas of the brain, possibly providing reserve against later cognitive decline and dementia [89, 90]. Brain Plasticity. A large collection of research in humans has shown that a single bout of exercise alters behavior at the level of affective state and cognitive functioning in several key ways.

    In terms of affective state, acute exercise decreases negative affect, increases positive affect, and decreases the psychological and physiological response to acute stress [28]. These effects have been reported to persist for up to 24 hours after exercise cessation [28, 29, 53]. In terms of cognitive functioning, acute exercise primarily enhances executive functions dependent on the prefrontal cortex including attention, working memory, problem solving, cognitive flexibility, verbal fluency, decision making, and inhibitory control [9].

    These positive changes have been demonstrated to occur with very low to very high exercise intensities [9], with effects lasting for up to two hours after the end of the exercise bout Fig. Moreover, many of these neuropsychological assessments measure several aspects of behavior including both accuracy of performance and speed of processing. McMorris and Hale performed a meta-analysis examining the effects of acute exercise on both accuracy and speed of processing, revealing that speed significantly improved post-exercise, with minimal or no effect on accuracy [17].

    These authors concluded that increasing task difficulty or complexity may help to augment the effect of acute exercise on accuracy. Arq Bras Endocrinol Metabol in Portuguese.

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    6. Interestingly, some symptoms of OT are related to beta-endorphin beta-end effects. Some of its effects, such as analgesia, increasing lactate tolerance, and exercise-induced euphoria, are important for training. The runner's high describes a euphoric state resulting from long-distance running. Scand J Med Sci Sports. J Clin Psychiatry.